RO system

Aquacell RO System

The Aquacell RO system has the best filtration capability that can separate and treat the ionized minerals, organic matters, bacteria, and germs dissolved in water.

  • It has an excellent process performance by 88-99.8% for almost all of raw water supply.
  • It has a variety of applications including water purification equipment, wastewater reuse equipment, desalination equipment, etc.
  • Process design and scale-up is simple
  • The operation procedure is easy
  • It has less noise and vibration.

Process Chart of Treatment


Reverse Osmosis feature

  • Water treatment and waste water treatment.
  • De-Ionized Water, Distilled Water, Seawater Desalination
  • Chemical industries
  • Pharmaceuticals industries
  • Surface treatment and mechanical industrial field

Treatment capacity

  • Sea water:100ton/day

  • Sea water:12ton/day, Breackish water:15ton/day

RO system project record

  • SWRO System
    (Sea Water Reverse Osmosis)

  • BWRO System
    (Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis)

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